electrode wire coating

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Tue Jul 26 23:36:45 EST 1994

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>Subject: electrode wire coating
>Date: 26 Jul 1994 02:35:52 GMT


>I would like to deliver DiI to somites in developing chick embryos using
>iontophoresis.  However, my electrode wires need Ag/AgCL coating.  Can
>someone experienced with this process provide me with information on how
>to do this?  Thanks a lot. 



The method I use gives me quick and easy results.  I use a small bottle 
of concentrated sodium chloride solution and an ordinary paintbrush
with a metal bristle clamp to which I attach a wire conected to the 
anode side (+) of a battery.  An ordinary 1.5 "D" cell seems OK although I
usually use a 6 volt lantern battery (with the little spiral springs on 
top) .  The other wire from the cathode (-) has a small clip to attach it
to the electrode wire at the base. Simply dip the brush into the salt
solution and "paint" it on.  You can just run the electrode through the
bristles a few times for perfect results.  I find this particularly useful
in delicate set-ups where it can be difficult to get to the electrode.

Let me know how you get on.

Roger <chuck><chuck>

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