Reticular formation anatomy question

Richard E. Cytowic MD p00907 at psilink.com
Wed Jul 27 07:07:07 EST 1994

	For my upcoming textbook I would appreciate knowledgeable help
regarding the caudal continuation of the RF. Is the marked sentence 
correct? It seems there is some question in standard sources.

   "The reticular system (from the Latin rete = net) is an aggregation of
   loosely-arranged cells within the central core of the brainstem and has
   an expansive vertical distribution. The dendrites of these cells are
   arranged in bundles that form a net-like pattern. The reticular
   formation continues caudally as the intermediate substance of the spinal
   cord while rostrally it projects to the intralaminar thalamic nuclei...."

Please e-mail your comments. Many thanks.

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