Reticular formation anatomy question

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Wed Jul 27 18:33:06 EST 1994

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interesting question. i do not have the answers but as i have to lecture
on this subject i would like to know the answer.  other questions seem
pertinent.  is the raphe-spinal projection to the posterior (dorsal) horns
of the spinal cord considered part of the reticular formation?  are the
norepinephrine, dopaminergic, serotonergic cell groups part of the
reticular formation? is there still a need for the concept of a reticular
formation?  what about the spinoreticular pathway? is this a pain pathway,
a light touch pathway, an ascending reticular pathway, an ipsilateral
pathway or a bilateral pathway?  and what about ARAS and states of
attention/consciousness?  i hope that you answer all of these questions in
your upcoming book!

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