References on Extraocular Photoreception

Roger DuBois roger at anatsg1.unil.ch
Thu Jul 28 01:40:35 EST 1994

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>From: camus at imagm.na.cnr.it (Carlo Musio)
>Subject: References on Extraocular Photoreception
>Date: 27 Jul 1994 09:10:30 +0100

>I would like to get up-to-date references regarding extraocular 
>photoreception and photosensitivity, especially in invertebrates (but 
>vertebrates are also appreciated).

Is this the sort of thing your after?

Arikawa, K., Eguchi, E., Yoshida, A. and Aoki, K. 

Multiple extraocular photoreceptive areas on genitalia of  butterfly 
Papilio xuthus. 

Nature 288:5793:700-702, 1980. 

I suppose genitalia s extraocular after all eh!  I have thought long about
this peculiarity and all I can come up with is that it may trigger or
facilitate egg laying on the (spectrally) appropriate food plant. I 
have had some success in getting egg release using spectral stimulation
but it was not conclusive.


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