bob jacobs bjacobs at RIKKI.CC.COLORADO.EDU
Thu Jul 28 14:46:47 EST 1994

>I got peeved at someone wanting to talk to them I guess and anyway I
>was in a really silly mood that evening.  Weird animals really when you
>can heard them into shallow water and beat them to death with baseball
>bats...there are not to many species so "docile".   Considering the ease
>with which they swim it is a surprise that we have hunted they whales and 
>dolphins to the point of extinction with spears!!!!!!  And then just when
>you think they have got their act together they crash into a beach somewhere
>and start swimming inland!
> Dumb!  Come on, what else you call it. Sorry, I'm still in a silly mood.
>Roger <chuck><chuck><chuckle>

In accordance with your line of thought on this matter, it should be
pointed out that cetacea haven't yet learned to pollute their own
environment, cause genocide, or create nuclear weapons.  My, my, what does
that say about their intelligence?

Bob Jacobs
Bjacobs at rikki.cc.colorado.edu

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