Crossed nervous systems

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Paul Grobstein (pgrobste at brynmawr.edu) wrote:

: > Brian Scott (scott at PSYCH.TORONTO.EDU) wrote:
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: > > I think this would be the place to ask such a question, so here it is.
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: > > What are the current theories as to why the nervous system is mostly crossed?
: > > What are the benefits which are thought to be gained from such a setup?

In Caenorhabitus (sp?), the nervous system is crossed. It seems to have to
do with the way the beast is programmed to respond to stimuli. A sensory
contact on the right side 'means' that muscles on the opposite side should
contract.  If your nervous system is built that way on the most primitive
level, it's a bit hard to get it uncrossed later. 

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