Shaking hands during dissections

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Sun Jul 31 14:55:42 EST 1994

 In article <31f0r9$jsq at nntp2.Stanford.EDU>, rasch at leland.Stanford.EDU
 (Christopher Michael Rasch) writes: "cannot dissect due to shaky hands"


I do not use biologicals however I used to pick and move diamonds with a
tweezers. some stones less than 1/2 mm.  Some things I have found work.
Choke up on the forceps, move as close to the tip as possable, this will
limit the effect shaking.  I used to use the thumb and first finger to
manipulate the tweezers and the body of teh tweezers rested along the palm
of my hand.  I would prop my knuckles on a block of some kind.  This was
more stable than using the tweesers like a pencil, and resting the side of
my hand on a table.  
I might also reccomend that you find a good old time watchmaker (if you can
find one), one who makes his own watch parts 
and ask him to show you how he uses a screwdriver.  
Watch how he stabilizes the tip.  
The less distance there is between the tip of the tool  and a
stabilized point, the steadier the tool will be.  If you hold the tool in
hand with a free arm, there is no point of stability, therefor a large range
of motion, hence more shake.

Hope this helps.
Steven Finkelman

                                             slfink at netcom.com

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