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5HT Levels

Todd I. Stark stark at dwovax.enet.dec.com
Wed Jun 8 09:26:24 EST 1994

In article <847838.352954 at eastnet.eastnet.com>, Hannibal_Lechter,Off-White_&_Green at eastnet.com (Hannibal Lechter,Off-White & Green) writes...
>What are effective nutritional means of increasing serotonin levels?

The main dietary precursor for serotonin is the amino acid tryptophan.
A nutritional strategy that emphasizes tryptophan is probably most likely
to be effective, though Richard Wurtman et al., who did much of the original
research on dietary precursors for neurotransmitter levels, determined that the 
effect is extremely sensitive to a wide range of environmental and individual

You also need to be careful of competitive and synergistic absorption of the 
various nutrients, among other things.   Ingesting a level X of one amino acid
in complete proteins for example will not have the same nutritional effect as
ingesting the amino acid in isolation.  Also keep in mind that tryptophan by
itself is the most toxic of the amino acids, though it isn't likely you'd
find tryptophan supplements anymore because of the blood disease that became
associated with one company's manufacturing process.

Following my sig. are the number of milligrams of tryptophan in a 100 gram 
serving of various foods, according to a post I saved from another newsgroup 
some time ago.

The "+/-" amount shows the error rate of the sampling methods.
(This is from _Nutrients Catalog_, published by McFarland, 
written by Harvey Newstrom   (hnewstrom at hnewstrom.ess.harris.com))

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Sources of tryptophan (mg per 100 grams of food)
simmered turkey heart(343+/-0.5) roasted turkey light meat
without skin(340+/-0.5) simmered turkey liver(338+/-0.5) roasted turkey dark
meat without skin(325+/-0.5) roasted turkey light meat with skin(315+/-0.5)
simmered turkey giblets(307+/-0.5) roasted turkey dark meat with
simmered turkey gizzard(264+/-0.5) turkey breast meat summer sausage(257+/-2.4)
turkey ham(214+/-0.9) turkey pastrami(202+/-0.9)
torula yeast(1868+/-1.8), soybean protein
isolate(1114+/-1.8), dried spirulina seaweed(929+/-0.5), soybean protein
concentrate(836+/-1.8), dried and frozen tofu(747+/-2.9), almond
meal(718+/-1.8), dried and salted cod(704+/-0.6), fenugreek seed(700+/-25),
defatted soybean flour(683+/-0.5), low fat soybean flour(676+/-0.6), defatted
soy meal(653+/-0.4), braised pork pancreas(625+/-0.5), peanut
cooked whelk(618+/-0.6), roasted pumpkin and squash seeds(586+/-1.8), dry
roasted soybean nuts(576+/-0.6), toasted soybean nuts(571+/-1.8), yellow
seed(567+/-16.7), parmesan cheese(560+/-10), roasted soybean nuts(512+/-0.6),
dry skim milk(510+/-1.7), roasted soybean flour(506+/-0.6), soybean
flour(502+/-0.6), freeze-dried parsley(500+/-35.7), dry instant skim
milk(496+/-0.5), dried sesame kernels(475+/-6.3), braised pork center loin
excluding fat(467+/-0.5), braised pork top loin excluding fat(463+/-0.5),
braised pork sirloin excluding fat(450+/-0.5), braised pork loin excluding
fat(443+/-0.5), dry buttermilk(443+/-7.1), dried pumpkin and squash
seeds(436+/-1.8), broiled pork center loin excluding fat(431+/-0.5), milk
chocolate(429+/-1.8), gruyere cheese(425+/-1.8), braised pork boston blade
excluding fat(419+/-0.5), swiss cheese(407+/-1.8), braised pork loin blade
excluding fat(399+/-0.5), dried watermelon seeds(396+/-1.8), fried beef top
round excluding fat(393+/-0.5), roasted pork rump excluding fat(392+/-0.5),
braised pork spareribs(391+/-0.5), fried chicken breast without
whole dried sesame seeds(389+/-5.6), fried pork center loin excluding
fat(387+/-0.5), broiled pork center rib excluding fat(387+/-0.5), roasted pork
tenderloin(387+/-0.5), broiled pork top loin excluding fat(387+/-0.5), fried
beef liver(385+/-0.5), roasted pork center loin excluding fat(383+/-0.5), fried
light meat chicken without skin(383+/-0.5), braised pork center loin including
fat(382+/-0.5), roasted pork leg excluding fat(381+/-0.5), broiled pork sirloin
excluding fat(380+/-0.5), roasted pork center rib excluding fat(379+/-0.5),
roasted pork shank excluding fat(379+/-0.5), roasted pork top loin excluding
fat(379+/-0.5), simmered beef shank excluding fat(377+/-0.5), fried pork center
rib excluding fat(376+/-0.5), fried pork top loin excluding fat(376+/-0.5),
toasted sesame kernels(375+/-1.8), whole toasted sesame seeds(375+/-1.8),
broiled pork loin excluding fat(374+/-0.5), well done baked extra lean ground
beef(373+/-0.5), sesame butter(373+/-3.3), fried chicken giblets(373+/-0.5),
whole milk(372+/-1.6), oil roasted almonds(371+/-1.8), toasted
almonds(371+/-1.8), dried butternuts(371+/-1.8), braised beef chuck arm pot
roast excluding fat(370+/-0.5), braised pork center rib including
fat(370+/-0.5), roasted pork sirloin excluding fat(370+/-0.5), stewed chicken
drumstick without skin(370+/-1.1), fried chicken back with skin(369+/-0.7),
braised pork liver(366+/-0.5), well done baked lean ground beef(365+/-0.5),
fried beef sirloin excluding fat(364+/-0.5), dried almonds(364+/-1.8), fried
chicken breast with skin(364+/-0.5), roasted pork loin excluding
braised pork sirloin including fat(362+/-0.5), roasted chicken breast without
skin(362+/-0.6), roasted light meat chicken without skin(361+/-0.5), tilsit
cheese(357+/-1.8), broiled pork center loin including fat(357+/-0.5), well done
baked ground beef(355+/-0.5), fried beef top round including fat(355+/-0.5),
broiled beef top round excluding fat(355+/-0.5), braised pork top loin
fat(355+/-0.5), braised beef bottom round excluding fat(354+/-0.5), simmered
beef shank including fat(354+/-0.5), dried sunflower seeds(354+/-1.8), well
broiled extra lean ground beef(352+/-0.5), braised beef liver(351+/-0.5),
braised beef pancreas(351+/-0.5), braised pork loin including fat(350+/-0.5),
roasted pork rump including fat(350+/-0.5), braised beef chuck blade roast
excluding fat(348+/-0.5), well done broiled lean ground beef(347+/-0.5),
simmered beef kidneys(347+/-0.5), port du salut cheese(346+/-1.8), braised pork
arm braised including fat(346+/-0.5), well done fried extra lean ground
beef(345+/-0.5), broiled beef top round including fat(345+/-0.5), braised beef
shortribs excluding fat(344+/-0.5), creamy peanut butter(344+/-3.1), fried
meat chicken with skin(344+/-0.5), simmered turkey heart(343+/-0.5), simmered
chicken liver(343+/-0.5), braised pork boston blade braised including
fat(342+/-0.5), roasted pork shoulder excluding fat(341+/-0.5), raw quail
without skin(341+/-0.5), well done fried lean ground beef(340+/-0.5), broiled
beef sirloin excluding fat(340+/-0.5), fried dark meat chicken without
skin(340+/-0.5), roasted chicken breast with skin(340+/-0.5), roasted turkey
light meat without skin(340+/-0.5), stewed chicken breast without
skin(339+/-0.5), broiled pork boston blade excluding fat(338+/-0.5), simmered
chicken heart(338+/-0.5), simmered turkey liver(338+/-0.5), stewed light meat
chicken without skin(337+/-0.5), well done broiled ground beef(335+/-0.5),
broiled pork loin blade excluding fat(335+/-0.5), braised beef bottom round
including fat(334+/-0.5), cooked crayfish(333+/-0.6), well done fried ground
beef(333+/-0.5), muenster cheese(332+/-1.8), roasted pork center loin including
fat(332+/-0.5), roasted pork loin blade excluding fat(332+/-0.5), oil roasted
sunflower seeds(332+/-1.8), canned tuna in water(331+/-0.6), american
cheese(329+/-1.8), brick cheese(329+/-1.8), braised beef brisket excluding
fat(329+/-0.5), roasted pork sirloin including fat(329+/-0.5), braised pork
kidneys(329+/-0.5), oil roasted peanuts(329+/-1.8), raw pheasant without
skin(328+/-0.5), roasted pork boston blade excluding fat(327+/-0.5), fried pork
loin blade excluding fat(327+/-0.5), roasted duck without skin(327+/-0.5),
roasted pork leg including fat(326+/-0.5), roasted light meat chicken with
skin(326+/-0.5), brie cheese(325+/-1.8), pimento cheese spread(325+/-1.8),
anchovy canned in olive oil(325+/-2.5), caviar(325+/-3.1), roasted eye of beef
round excluding fat(325+/-0.5), dried black walnuts(325+/-1.8), roasted turkey
dark meat without skin(325+/-0.5), roasted beef tip excluding fat(322+/-0.5),
simmered beef heart(322+/-0.5), broiled beef top loin excluding fat(321+/-0.5),
roasted pork center rib including fat(321+/-0.5), cheddar cheese(320+/-0.5),
roasted dark meat chicken without skin(320+/-0.5), broiled beef round excluding
fat(319+/-0.5), bleu cheese(318+/-1.8), monterey cheese(318+/-1.8), broiled
center rib including fat(317+/-0.5), broiled beef tenderloin excluding
fat(316+/-0.5), broiled porterhouse steak excluding fat(315+/-0.5), broiled
T-bone steak excluding fat(315+/-0.5), roasted turkey light meat with
skin(315+/-0.5), braised beef flank excluding fat(314+/-0.5), broiled beef rib
eye excluding fat(314+/-0.5), roasted pork shank including fat(314+/-0.5),
peanuts(314+/-1.8), medium-rare broiled extra lean ground beef(313+/-0.5),
roasted pork top loin including fat(312+/-0.5), stewed chicken breast with
skin(312+/-0.5), camembert cheese(311+/-1.8), colby cheese(311+/-1.8), broiled
pork sirloin including fat(311+/-0.5), raw whelk(309+/-0.6), braised beef flank
including fat(308+/-0.5), medium-rare fried extra lean ground beef(308+/-0.5),
roasted beef rib roasted excluding fat(308+/-0.5), roasted beef tenderloin
excluding fat(308+/-0.5), fried beef sirloin including fat(308+/-0.5), fried
dark meat chicken with skin(308+/-0.5), broiled beef sirloin including
fat(307+/-0.5), dried pignolia pine nuts(307+/-1.8), simmered turkey
giblets(307+/-0.5), cooked coho salmon(306+/-0.6), cooked sockeye
salmon(306+/-0.6), fried chicken drumstick with skin(306+/-1), medium-rare
broiled lean ground beef(305+/-0.5), braised pork loin blade including
fat(305+/-0.5), cheshire cheese(304+/-1.8), roasted pork loin including
fat(304+/-0.5), roasted chicken drumstick with skin(304+/-1), roasted chicken
thigh without skin(304+/-1), roasted turkey dark meat with skin(304+/-0.5),
braised beef chuck arm pot roast including fat(303+/-0.5), broiled pork loin
including fat(303+/-0.5), broiled pork top loin including fat(303+/-0.5),
dark meat chicken without skin(303+/-0.5), fried chicken thigh with
skin(302+/-0.8), medium-rare baked extra lean ground beef(301+/-0.5), cooked
flounder(300+/-0.5), roasted eye of beef round including fat(300+/-0.5), dry
roasted sunflower seeds(300+/-1.8), basil(300+/-50), stir-fried sprouted
soybeans(300+/-0.5), cooked halibut(299+/-0.6), breaded and fried
shrimp(299+/-0.6), medium-rare fried lean ground beef(299+/-0.5), roasted cured
pork arm excluding fat(299+/-0.5), medium-rare broiled ground beef(297+/-0.5),
canned tuna in oil(296+/-0.6), roasted beef round tip including fat(296+/-0.5),
fried pork center loin including fat(296+/-0.5), dry roasted
cooked rainbow trout(295+/-0.6), medium-rare baked lean ground beef(295+/-0.5),
medium-rare fried ground beef (295+/-0.5), simmered chicken giblets(295+/-0.5),
cooked snapper(294+/-0.6), stewed light meat chicken with skin(294+/-0.5),
limburger cheese(293+/-1.8), cooked bacon(292+/-0.4), cooked
sheepshead(291+/-0.6), cooked shrimp(291+/-0.6), broiled beef tenderloin
including fat(291+/-0.5), braised pork spleen(289+/-0.5), roasted dark meat
chicken with skin(289+/-0.5), simmered chicken neck without skin(289+/-2.8),
broiled beef top loin including fat(288+/-0.5), roasted chicken wing with
skin(288+/-1.5), cooked clams(286+/-0.6), canned blue crab(286+/-0.6), broiled
beef round including fat(286+/-0.5), roasted pork arm including fat(286+/-0.5),
dried pistachio nuts(286+/-1.8), stewed chicken drumstick with skin(286+/-0.9),
cooked lobster(285+/-0.6), braised beef chuck blade roast including
fat(285+/-0.5), smoked haddock(284+/-0.6), raw shrimp(284+/-0.6), cooked
swordfish(284+/-0.6), broiled beef flank excluding fat(284+/-0.5), medium-rare
baked ground beef(284+/-0.5), broiled beef rib eye including fat(284+/-0.5),
roasted pork shoulder including fat(284+/-0.5), crab cakes(282+/-0.8), broiled
pork boston blade including fat(282+/-0.5), roasted pork boston blade including
fat(282+/-0.5), tempeh(282+/-0.6), cooked blue crab(281+/-0.6), broiled
porterhouse steak including fat(281+/-0.5), roasted chicken thigh with
skin(281+/-0.8), fried chicken wing with skin(281+/-1.6), broiled beef flank
including fat(280+/-0.5), cooked grouper(278+/-0.6), cooked mullet(278+/-0.6),
braised pork tongue(278+/-0.5), cooked pike(276+/-0.6), broiled beef rib
excluding fat(276+/-0.5), kippered herring(275+/-1.3), sardines(275+/-2.1),
cashew butter(275+/-1.8), cooked tilefish(274+/-0.6), roasted beef tenderloin
including fat(274+/-0.5), cooked haddock(272+/-0.6), braised pork
heart(272+/-0.4), cooked flatfish(271+/-0.6), fried pork center rib including
fat(271+/-0.5), oil roasted spanish peanuts(271+/-1.8), roasted pork loin blade
including fat(270+/-0.5), cooked alaska king crab(269+/-0.6), cooked
rockfish(269+/-0.6), broiled T-bone steak including fat(269+/-0.5), fried pork
top loin including fat(269+/-0.5), almond butter(269+/-3.1), fried
tofu(269+/-3.8), cooked mackerel(267+/-0.6), cooked mussels(267+/-0.6), cooked
perch(267+/-0.6), cooked pompano(265+/-0.6), cooked sea bass(265+/-0.6), cooked
eel(265+/-0.6), cooked whiting(264+/-0.6), dried brazilnuts(264+/-1.8), oil
roasted valencia peanuts(264+/-1.8), simmered turkey gizzard(264+/-0.5), raw
duck liver(264+/-0.5), raw lobster(262+/-0.6), smoked whitefish(262+/-0.6),
broiled pork loin blade including fat(262+/-0.5), braised beef
spleen(261+/-0.5), stewed dark meat chicken with skin(261+/-0.5), duck
egg(260+/-0.7), raw crayfish(260+/-0.6), stewed chicken thigh with
skin(260+/-0.7), raw yellowtail(259+/-0.6), raw queen crab(258+/-0.6), cooked
herring(258+/-0.6), braised beef brisket including fat(258+/-0.5), turkey
meat summer sausage(257+/-2.4), cooked carp(256+/-0.6), cooked cod(256+/-0.6),
fried chicken neck with skin(256+/-1.4), canned cod(255+/-0.6), raw alaska king
crab(255+/-0.6), roasted beef rib including fat(254+/-0.5), oil roasted
cashews(254+/-1.8), cooked rainbow smelt(253+/-0.6), raw blue crab(251+/-0.6),
roasted lean ham(251+/-0.5), hard pork salami(250+/-5), oil roasted virginia
peanuts(250+/-1.8), fennel seed(250+/-25), freeze-dried chives(250+/-62.5),
freeze-dried red sweet peppers(250+/-31.3), freeze-dried green sweet
peppers(250+/-31.3), canned corned beef(247+/-0.5), firm raw tofu(246+/-0.4),
stewed chicken wing with skin(245+/-1.3), simmered chicken gizzard(243+/-0.5),
raw dungeness crab(242+/-0.6), raw coho salmon(242+/-0.6), braised beef
shortribs including fat(242+/-0.5), boiled soybeans(242+/-0.3), chicken egg
yolk(241+/-2.9), roasted canned lean ham(240+/-0.5), raw sockeye
salmon(239+/-0.6), chipped beef(239+/-1.8), dry roasted cashews(239+/-1.8), oil
roasted filberts(239+/-1.8), grilled canadian bacon(238+/-1.1), roasted
ham(238+/-0.5), raw shark(235+/-0.6), crunchy peanut butter(234+/-1.6), raw
halibut(233+/-0.6), raw trout(233+/-0.6), roasted canned ham(233+/-0.5), poppy
seed(233+/-16.7), boiled winged beans(233+/-0.3), cooked sturgeon(232+/-0.6),
unheated lean ham(232+/-0.5), fried pork loin blade including fat(232+/-0.5),
roasted duck with skin(232+/-0.5), raw milkfish(231+/-0.6), raw
snapper(231+/-0.6), raw rainbow trout(231+/-0.6), raw goose liver(230+/-0.5),
puffed wheat(229+/-3.6), canned sockeye salmon(229+/-0.6), dry roasted
peanuts(229+/-1.8), raw anchovy(228+/-0.6), roasted cured pork arm including
fat(227+/-0.5), raw chum salmon(226+/-0.6), raw sheepshead(226+/-0.6), raw
chinook salmon(225+/-0.6), broiled beef rib including fat(225+/-0.5), fried
abalone(224+/-0.6), raw bluefish(224+/-0.6), raw pink salmon(224+/-0.6), canned
pink salmon(224+/-0.6), natto(223+/-0.6), raw swordfish(222+/-0.6), raw
pollock(218+/-0.6), pork luxury loaf(218+/-1.8), dried filberts(218+/-1.8), raw
burbot(216+/-0.6), raw grouper(216+/-0.6), raw mullet(216+/-0.6), raw
pike(216+/-0.6), raw sunfish(216+/-0.6), pork link sausage(216+/-0.7), shredded
wheat(214+/-1.8), raw whitefish(214+/-0.6), turkey ham(214+/-0.9), almond
paste(214+/-1.8), raw cisco(213+/-0.6), raw cusk(213+/-0.6), raw
ling(213+/-0.6), raw haddock(212+/-0.6), battered and fried shark(212+/-0.6),
pickled anchovy(211+/-1.8), raw freshwater bass(211+/-0.6), raw
flatfish(211+/-0.6), raw rockfish(211+/-0.6), raw scup(211+/-0.6), unheated
ham(211+/-0.5), ham and cheese roll(211+/-1.8), dry roasted pistachio
nuts(211+/-1.8), breaded and fried scallops(210+/-1.6), canned lean
ham(210+/-0.5), chopped ham lunch meat(210+/-2.4), hard pork and beef
salami(210+/-5), raw perch(209+/-0.6), breaded and fried croaker(208+/-0.6),
mackerel(208+/-0.6), raw dolphinfish(207+/-0.6), raw pompano(207+/-0.6), raw
spot(207+/-0.6), roasted pork blade roll(207+/-0.5), raw eel(207+/-0.6), dry
roasted pecans(207+/-1.8), raw sea bass(206+/-0.6), smoked chinook
salmon(205+/-0.6), raw whiting(205+/-0.6), pork livercheese(205+/-1.3), raw
catfish(204+/-0.6), unheated canadian bacon(204+/-0.9), dried
breaded fried squid(202+/-0.6), turkey pastrami(202+/-0.9), raw
herring(201+/-0.6), bran flakes(200+/-1.8), anchovy paste(200+/-7.1), raw
carp(200+/-0.6), breaded and fried catfish(200+/-0.6), pork and beef peppered
loaf(200+/-1.8), simmered chicken neck with skin(200+/-1.3), garlic
powder(200+/-16.7), raw striped bass(199+/-0.6), raw cod(199+/-0.6), raw
croaker(199+/-0.6), raw lingcod(198+/-0.6), bran(196+/-1.8), raw freshwater
drum(196+/-0.6), raw rainbow smelt(196+/-0.6), raw tilefish(196+/-0.6), raw
wolffish(196+/-0.6), chicken egg(194+/-1), raw alewife(194+/-0.5), raw
butterfish(194+/-0.6), steamed sprouted soybeans(194+/-1.1), canned
ham(193+/-0.5), dried english/persian walnuts(193+/-1.8), raw
abalone(192+/-0.6), raw black bass(192+/-0.5), raw shad(191+/-0.6), cooked
bass(188+/-0.4), raw scallops(188+/-0.6), raw seatrout(188+/-0.6), raw white
sucker(188+/-0.6), raw smelt(186+/-0.5), braised beef lungs(186+/-0.5), pork
beef honey loaf(186+/-1.8), smoked cisco(184+/-0.6), canned smelt(184+/-0.5),
pork and beef pepperoni(183+/-8.3), wheat flakes(182+/-1.8), raw
cuttlefish(182+/-0.6), oil roasted pecans(182+/-1.8), raw sturgeon(181+/-0.6),
tuna salad(180+/-0.2), raw turbot(180+/-0.6), raw squid(174+/-0.6),
berliner(174+/-2.2), dried ginko nuts(171+/-1.8), chicken egg white(170+/-1.5),
simmered beef tongue(170+/-0.5), breaded and fried clams(168+/-0.6), braised
beef thymus(168+/-0.5), chopped smoked beef(168+/-1.8), jellied corned beef
loaf(168+/-1.8), dry roasted filberts(168+/-1.8), raw octopus(167+/-0.6),
corned beef brisket(166+/-0.5), raw black bullhead(163+/-0.5), canned
alewife(162+/-0.5), raw monkfish(162+/-0.6), italian pork sausage(161+/-0.7),
beef pastrami(161+/-1.8), pork and beef luncheon sausage(161+/-2.2), pickled
herring(160+/-3.3), cooked oysters(158+/-0.6), minced ham lunch
lebanon bologna(157+/-2.2), pork sausage(156+/-1.9), pork
braised pork brains(155+/-0.5), grilled ham patties(153+/-0.8), pork and beef
mortadella(153+/-3.3), pork and beef old fashioned loaf(150+/-1.8), onion
powder(150+/-25), boiled green soybeans(150+/-0.6), unheated ham
patties(149+/-0.8), pork and beef link sausage with american cheese(149+/-1.2),
raw flounder(148+/-0.5), raw sole(148+/-0.5), pork balogna(148+/-2.2), braised
pork lungs(146+/-0.5), pork and beef picnic loaf(146+/-1.8), dried pinyon pine
nuts(146+/-1.8), raw clams(144+/-0.6), pork liver sausage(144+/-2.8), summer
sausage(143+/-2.2), miso(143+/-0.4), raisin bran(139+/-1.8), cottage
cheese(139+/-0.2), beef lunch meat(139+/-1.8), polish pork sausage(139+/-1.8),
beef salami(139+/-2.2), dried hickory nuts(139+/-1.8), pork and beef
kielbasa/kolbassy(138+/-1.9), gjetost cheese(136+/-1.8), pork and beef lunch
meat(136+/-1.8), raw mussels(133+/-0.6), potato flour(133+/-0.6),
falafel(133+/-1), pork and beef sausage(131+/-3.8), pork and beef
brotwurst(131+/-0.7), boiled peanuts(131+/-1.6), dehydrated onion
flakes(129+/-3.6), smoked beef sausage(128+/-1.2), raw tofu(126+/-0.4), boiled
lupins(125+/-0.3), freeze-dried shallots(125+/-12.5), canned pork lunch
meat(124+/-2.4), pork pickle and pimento loaf(118+/-1.8), boiled white
beans(115+/-0.3), raw beef tripe(114+/-0.5), beef bologna(113+/-2.2), pork
bratwurst(113+/-0.6), beef beerwurst salami(113+/-2.2), pork beerwurst
salami(113+/-2.2), beef and pork salami(113+/-2.2), sweetened condensed
milk(113+/-1.3), beef frankfurter(111+/-0.9), boiled cranberry
boiled yellow beans(108+/-0.3), pork and beef knockwurst(107+/-0.7), pork and
beef link sausage(107+/-0.7), boiled pink beans(107+/-0.3), vienna
sausage(106+/-3.1), evaporated skim milk(106+/-1.6), breaded and fried
oysters(105+/-0.6), boiled black beans(105+/-0.3), beef and pork
bologna(104+/-2.2), pork olive loaf(104+/-1.8), fried beef brains(103+/-0.5),
boiled kidney beans(103+/-0.3), boiled navy beans(103+/-0.3), simmered pork
tail(102+/-0.5), boiled yardlong bean(102+/-0.3), dried acorns(100+/-1.8),
boiled catjang blackeye peas(100+/-0.3), boiled great northern beans(99+/-0.3),
raw pork stomach(98+/-0.5), frozen and boiled blackeye peas(98+/-0.6), boiled
black turtle beans(97+/-0.3), boiled pinto beans(97+/-0.3), evaporated whole
milk(96+/-0.4), raw spirulina seaweed(96+/-0.5), boiled blackeye
boiled baby lima beans(95+/-0.3), potato pancakes(95+/-0.7), raw
puffed rice(93+/-3.6), acorn flour(93+/-1.8), boiled split peas(93+/-0.3),
evaporated lowfat milk(92+/-0.4), boiled lima beans(92+/-0.3), simmered beef
brains(90+/-0.5), neufchatel cheese(89+/-1.8), ham salad(89+/-1.8), canned navy
beans(89+/-0.2), tomato powder(89+/-0.5), canned great northern
boiled and frozen baby lima beans(87+/-0.6), gefiltefish with broth(86+/-1.2),
pork headcheese(86+/-1.8), canned white beans(86+/-0.2), boiled
chickpeas(85+/-0.3), sheep milk(84+/-0.2), boiled french beans(83+/-0.3), raw
bacon(82+/-0.7), beef and pork frankfurter(82+/-1.1), dried chinese
chestnuts(82+/-1.8), dried coconut(82+/-1.8), boiled lentils(81+/-0.3), frozen
and boiled fordhook lima beans(80+/-0.6), raw oysters(79+/-0.6), canned
oysters(79+/-0.6), surimi scallops(78+/-0.6), boiled mungo beans(78+/-0.3),
boiled mung beans(76+/-0.2), surimi shrimp(75+/-0.6), raw acorns(75+/-1.8),
dried japanese chestnuts(75+/-1.8), refried beans(74+/-0.2), boiled adzuki
beans(72+/-0.2), boiled broadbeans(72+/-0.3), dried european
chestnuts(71+/-1.8), ginko nuts(71+/-1.8), canned black turtle beans(71+/-0.2),
au gratin potatoes(70+/-0.4), cream cheese(68+/-1.8), boiled hyacinth
beans(68+/-0.3), raw garlic(67+/-5.6), dried apricots(66+/-1.4), canned
cranberry beans(66+/-0.2), boiled pigeonpeas(66+/-0.3), dried toasted
coconut(64+/-1.8), baked beans with pork and sweet sauce(63+/-0.2), simmered
pork chitterlings(61+/-0.5), dry roasted macadamia nuts(61+/-1.8), baked beans
with pork and tomato sauce(61+/-0.2), canned kidney beans(61+/-0.2), frozen and
boiled turnip greens(59+/-0.6), canned blackeye peas(58+/-0.2), canned lima
beans(58+/-0.2), stir-fried sprouted mung beans(58+/-0.8), vegetarian baked
beans(57+/-0.2), boiled succotash(57+/-0.5), protein fortified lowfat 2%
milk(56+/-0.2), protein fortified skim milk(56+/-0.2), protein fortified lowfat
1% milk(55+/-0.2), indian buffalo milk(54+/-0.2), eggnog(54+/-0.2), malted
milk(54+/-0.2), restaurant vanilla milkshake(54+/-0.2), roasted chinese
chestnuts(54+/-1.8), canned pinto beans(54+/-0.2), french fried
potatoes(54+/-1), yellow corn pudding(53+/-0.2), canned broadbeans(52+/-0.2),
dried dates(51+/-0.6), hot chocolate(51+/-0.2), boiled mushrooms(51+/-0.6),
okara tofu(51+/-0.8), corn flakes(50+/-1.8), raw chinese chestnuts(50+/-1.8),
ginger(50+/-25), boiled mothbeans(50+/-0.3), vanilla milkshake(49+/-0.2),
restaurant chocolate milkshake(48+/-0.2), skim milk(48+/-0.2), canned
chickpeas(48+/-0.2), frozen and  fried french fried potatoes(48+/-1), raw
kelp/kombu/tangle seaweed(48+/-0.5), frozen and boiled succotash(48+/-0.6),
restaurant strawberry milkshake(47+/-0.2), lowfat 2% milk(47+/-0.2), filled
milk(47+/-0.2), hummus(47+/-0.2), noodles(46+/-0.3), lowfat 1% milk(46+/-0.2),
whole milk(46+/-0.2), lowfat 1% chocolate milk(46+/-0.2), raw
mushrooms(46+/-1.4), lowfat 2% chocolate milk(45+/-0.2), whole chocolate
milk(45+/-0.2), carob milk(44+/-0.2), goat milk(43+/-0.2), soy milk(43+/-0.2),
chocolate milkshake(43+/-0.2), roasted japanese chestnuts(43+/-1.8), raw
cassava(43+/-0.5), dried oriental radish(43+/-0.9), raw laver/nori
seaweed(43+/-0.5), coconut cream(42+/-0.2), frozen and fried hash brown
potatoes(42+/-0.6), potato salad(42+/-0.4), scalloped potatoes(42+/-0.4),
and boiled spinach(42+/-0.5), macaroni(41+/-0.4), spaghetti(41+/-0.4), half and
half cream(40+/-3.3), light cream(40+/-3.3), raw coconut(40+/-1.1), boiled beet
greens(40+/-0.7), frozen and boiled brussels sprouts(40+/-0.6), boiled
spinach(40+/-0.6), raw spinach(39+/-1.8), simmered pork feet(38+/-0.5), dried
sweetened flaked coconut(38+/-0.7), frozen and boiled collards(38+/-0.6),
green peas(38+/-0.6), microwaved potato with skin(38+/-0.2), canned
spinach(38+/-0.5), raw sprouted mung beans(37+/-1), raw parsley(37+/-1.7), raw
green peas(37+/-0.6), buttermilk(36+/-0.2), boiled and steamed chinese
chestnuts(36+/-1.8), roasted european chestnuts(36+/-1.8), baked potato with
skin(36+/-0.2), oatmeal(35+/-0.3), frozen and boiled kale(35+/-0.8), frozen and
boiled green peas(35+/-0.6), o'brien potatoes(35+/-0.3), raw wakame
seaweed(35+/-0.5), dried sweetened shredded coconut(34+/-0.5), medium
cream(33+/-3.3), sour cream(33+/-4.2), whipping cream, light(33+/-3.3), dried
lychees(33+/-0.5), raw chives(33+/-16.7), dried shitake mushrooms(33+/-3.3),
hash brown potatoes(33+/-0.6), microwaved potato without skin(33+/-0.3), skim
yogurt(32+/-0.2), raw japanese chestnuts(32+/-1.8), frozen and boiled
broccoli(32+/-0.5), raw potato without skin(32+/-0.4), simmered pork
ears(31+/-0.5), sweetened coconut cream(31+/-0.2), boiled broccoli(31+/-0.6),
raw chickory greens(31+/-0.6), canned green peas(31+/-0.6), frozen and boiled
potato without skin(31+/-0.5), frozen and boiled turnip greens and
turnips(31+/-0.5), lowfat yogurt(30+/-0.2), raw broccoli(30+/-1.1), baked
without skin(30+/-0.3), raw shallots(30+/-5), canned succotash with creamed
corn(30+/-0.4), raw european chestnuts(29+/-1.8), boiled
lambsquarters(29+/-0.6), mashed potatoes(29+/-0.5), canned succotash(29+/-0.4),
raw watercress(29+/-2.9), frozen and boiled asparagus(28+/-0.8), raw bamboo
shoots(28+/-0.7), boiled brussels sprouts(28+/-0.6), raw vinespinach(28+/-0.5),
whipping cream, heavy(27+/-3.3), pickled pork feet(27+/-0.5), coconut
milk(27+/-0.2), boiled amaranth(27+/-0.8), cooked sprouted mung
raw red chili peppers(27+/-1.1), raw green chili peppers(27+/-1.1), boiled
potato without skin(27+/-0.4), dried figs(26+/-0.3), chocolate syrup(26+/-1.3),
boiled asparagus(26+/-0.6), raw cauliflower(26+/-1), boiled
cauliflower(26+/-0.8), boiled mustard greens(26+/-0.7), tomato paste(26+/-0.4),
frozen and boiled mustard greens(25+/-0.7), raw turnip greens(25+/-1.8), dried
japanese persimmon(24+/-1.5), sapote(23+/-0.2), boiled yellow corn(23+/-0.6),
boiled jute potherb(23+/-1.2), boiled kale(23+/-0.8), boiled scotch
kale(23+/-0.8), canned turnip greens(23+/-0.4), raw california
avocado(22+/-0.3), canned potato without skin(22+/-0.6), cream of
wheat(21+/-0.3), lard(21+/-1.8), raw pork jowl(21+/-0.5), boiled and steamed
european chestnuts(21+/-1.8), frozen and boiled cauliflower(21+/-0.6), frozen
and boiled yellow corn(21+/-0.6), raw welsh onions(21+/-0.5), baked hubbard
squash(21+/-0.5), boiled hubbard squash(21+/-0.4), baked sweet
farina(20+/-0.3), butter(20+/-3.3), soybean oil and cottonseed oil margarine
liquid(20+/-10), corn oil margarine stick(20+/-10), safflower oil and soybean
oil margarine stick(20+/-10), soybean oil margarine stick(20+/-10), soybean oil
and cottonseed oil margarine stick(20+/-10), corn oil margarine tub(20+/-10),
safflower oil margarine tub(20+/-10), soybean oil margarine tub(20+/-10),
soybean oil and cottonseed oil margarine tub(20+/-10), raw savoy
cabbage(20+/-1.4), raw lotus root(20+/-0.6), raw spring onions with
tops(20+/-1), boiled sweet potato(20+/-0.3), canned sweet potato(20+/-0.3),
frozen and baked sweet potato(20+/-0.6), whole yogurt(19+/-0.2), boiled green
beans(19+/-0.8), boiled yellow snap beans(19+/-0.8), canned sprouted mung
beans(19+/-0.8), boiled turnip greens(19+/-0.7), tamarind(18+/-0.4), canned
bamboo shoots(18+/-0.4), boiled savoy cabbage(18+/-0.7), boiled swiss
chard(18+/-0.6), raw chickory(18+/-1.1), raw onions(18+/-0.6), raw florida
avocado(17+/-0.2), coleslaw(17+/-0.8), canned yellow corn with red and green
peppers(17+/-0.4), frozen and boiled okra(17+/-0.5), frozen and boiled
squash(17+/-0.4), persimmon(16+/-2), human milk(16+/-1.6), boiled bamboo
shoots(16+/-0.4), boiled okra(16+/-0.6), boiled purslane(16+/-0.9), baked acorn
squash(16+/-0.5), apricots(15+/-0.5), boiled chinese cabbage(15+/-0.6), frozen
and boiled yellow snap beans(15+/-0.7), frozen and boiled green
frozen and boiled turnips(15+/-0.5), whole chocolate malted milk(14+/-0.2),
safflower oil and soybean oil mayonnaise(14+/-3.6), soybean oil
mayonnaise(14+/-3.6), raw chinese cabbage(14+/-1.4), raw red cabbage(14+/-1.4),
boiled collards(14+/-0.3), canned yellow corn(14+/-0.5), steamed hawaii
yam(14+/-0.7), cream of rice(13+/-0.3), elderberries(13+/-0.3), raw ginger
root(13+/-2.1), boiled onions(13+/-0.5), canned pumpkin(13+/-0.4), canned
pumpkin pie mix(13+/-0.4), boiled butternut squash(13+/-0.5), whey(13+/-0.2),
bananas(12+/-0.4), boiled beets(12+/-0.6), boiled carrots(12+/-0.6), frozen and
boiled carrots(12+/-0.7), canned creamed yellow corn(12+/-0.4), canned green
beans(12+/-0.7), canned yellow snap beans(12+/-0.7), raw leeks(12+/-1.9),
lotus root(12+/-0.6), canned red chili peppers(12+/-0.7), canned green chili
peppers(12+/-0.7), raw red sweet peppers(12+/-1), raw green sweet
peppers(12+/-1), frozen and boiled red sweet peppers(12+/-0.5), frozen and
boiled green sweet peppers(12+/-0.5), boiled rutabaga(12+/-0.6), baked/boiled
tropical yam(12+/-0.7), soursop(11+/-0.2), boiled and steamed japanese
chestnuts(11+/-1.8), raw green cabbage(11+/-1.4), boiled green
cabbage(11+/-0.7), boiled red cabbage(11+/-0.7), raw carrots(11+/-0.7), boiled
kohlrabi(11+/-0.6), raw romaine lettuce(11+/-1.8), raw looseleaf
lettuce(11+/-1.8), frozen and boiled crookneck squash(11+/-0.5), raw scallop
squash(11+/-0.8), raw zucchini(11+/-0.8), candied sweet potato(11+/-0.5),
puree(11+/-0.2), navel orange(10+/-0.4), valencia orange(10+/-0.4),
pear(10+/-0.3), japanese persimmon(10+/-0.3), sugar apple(10+/-0.3), raw
celery(10+/-1.3), raw eggplant(10+/-1.2), raw iceberg lettuce(10+/-2.5), frozen
and boiled onions(10+/-0.5), canned jalapeno peppers(10+/-0.7), canned red
peppers(10+/-0.7), canned green sweet peppers(10+/-0.7), frozen and boiled
zucchini(10+/-0.4), boiled acorn squash(10+/-0.4), cooked plantain(9+/-0.3),
pickled beets(9+/-0.4), boiled pumpkin(9+/-0.4), boiled scallop
canned zucchini in tomato juice(9+/-0.4), boiled/baked spaghetti
squash(9+/-0.6), raw green tomato(9+/-0.4), corn grits(8+/-0.2),
papaya(8+/-0.2), coconut water(8+/-0.2), boiled burdock root(8+/-0.4), boiled
chayote(8+/-0.6), boiled eggplant(8+/-1), boiled leeks(8+/-1.9), raw crookneck
squash(8+/-0.8), boiled crookneck squash(8+/-0.6), cooked taro(8+/-0.8), boiled
red tomato(8+/-0.4), guava(7+/-0.6), lychees(7+/-0.5), strawberries(7+/-0.3),
watermelon(7+/-0.3), canned carrots(7+/-0.7), boiled celery(7+/-0.7), raw
butterhead lettuce(7+/-3.3), boiled red sweet peppers(7+/-0.7), boiled green
sweet peppers(7+/-0.7), raw red tomato(7+/-0.4), canned stewed red
tomatoes(7+/-0.4), canned peeled red tomatoes(7+/-0.4), figs(6+/-1), mandarin
oranges(6+/-0.4), tangerine(6+/-0.6), raw celtuce(6+/-0.5), boiled
zucchini(6+/-0.6), boiled turnips(6+/-0.6), tomato juice(5+/-0.3),
loquats(5+/-0.5), mammy apple(5+/-0.5), pineapple(5+/-0.3), sapodilla(5+/-0.3),
canned crookneck squash(5+/-0.5), carambola(4+/-0.4), crabapples(4+/-0.5), raw
cucumber(4+/-1), raw endive(4+/-2), cooked shitake mushrooms(4+/-0.7), raw
radish(4+/-1.1), boiled oriental radish(4+/-0.7), ale(3+/-0.1),
blueberries(3+/-0.3), american grapes(3+/-0.5), european grapes(3+/-0.3),
lime(3+/-0.7), boiled calabash gourd(3+/-0.7), orange juice(2+/-0.2), raw apple
with skin(2+/-0.4), cooked apple without skin(2+/-0.3), applesauce(2+/-0.4),
pink grapefruit(2+/-0.4), white grapefruit(2+/-0.4), thompson seedless
grapes(2+/-0.3), peach(2+/-0.6), raw oriental radish(2+/-1.1),
screwdriver(1+/-0.2), tangerine juice(1+/-0.2), raw apple without

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