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looking for a book ...

Eubank Lynn Alan eubank at jove.acs.unt.edu
Tue Nov 1 12:52:10 EST 1994

A friend of mine and I are writing a little diddle on what makes
scientists tick, and for it I need to locate a book that I read
back in 1989 -- and now cannot locate (frustration!). The
book was written by one of the science journalists. The
person had spent about a year at one of the larger
labs, maybe David Baltimore's. The author's conclusion was
pretty much that these people are driven not by some 
desire to help other people (e.g., vicitims of a cancer, 
the genetic basis of which happened to be worked on 
in that lab at the time), but quite simply by a desire
to know. 

Now -- a little story that relates to what I thought was
the title of the book. In 1989, my wife and I were on
visiting positions at the Univ of Hawaii, Manoa, and my
wife had gone to the Manoa Public Library to get us
some nice junk reading. When she got back, she flopped
a book down in front of me and announced that it might
be very interesting for me. The title, however, was something
like -Indecent Obsession-, which I immediately took to
mean that it was some sort of cheap romance novel. Not
being into that kind of thing, I protested, but my wife
said that it wasn't a romance, wasn't even fiction. It was,
as it turned out, the book by the scientific journalist. And
the ambiguous title -- again, I remember it as -Indecent
Obsession--was the author's conclusion on what drives
the scientists: An almost indecent obsession to know.

Now I need the book for the little diddle that my friend
and I are writing. I checked Books in Print for -Indecent
Obsession-. The only one listed is indeed a romance written
by one Colleen McCullough. I also checked around in 
several major univ libraries (though not LC yet) under that 
title, but was only able to locate the McCullough romance.

Ok, so now my question: DOES ANYBODY KNOW
I'd appreciate any ideas you might have!

Lynn Eubank

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