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C-Fos and ANP ?

Bruce Livett magna at zikzak.apana.org.au
Sun Nov 6 04:31:02 EST 1994

Dear Dr. Zhu,
You should enquire from my colleague, Dr. Brian Oldfield at the Howard 
Florey Research Institute, Parkville, Victoria, Australia 3052. He has been 
working on c-Fos induction in the nervous system and may be able to give 
you a lead. Sorry, I dont have his email address. Snail(air)mail will work.

B. Zhu (bz10001 at CUS.CAM.AC.UK) wrote:
: Are there any people here who are doing c-Fos and ANP ( Atrial Natriuretic 
: peptide ) or who know their colleagues are doing it. I am using c-fos 
: technique to map the central effects of ANP in the brain. As you may 
: know, ANP activates cGMP second messenger system to result in 
: physiological effects. There is one paper in which author described 
: Nitric Oxide ( NO ) activated cGMP to induce c-fos and Jun-B expression 
: in PC 12 Cells. I have spent almost half year to try whether ANP can 
: induce c-fos or not with different doses ( 250, 500, 1000 and 2000pmol ) 
: by i.c.v. But, I failed to find any significant c-Fos expression in the 
: brain compared with CSF control. I can understand that the c-fos 
: expression induced by NO in PC 12 cells can not be used to argue that ANP 
: can induce c-fos expression in the brain because It activaed cGMP system. 
: But, people did find that stimulation which can induce c-fos in PC 12 
: cells always induce c-fos in intact nervous system.

: Your help will be highly appreciated if you can let me know that some 
: of your colleagues have same experience, or if you can give some comments 
: on what I have got, especially the c-fos induction and second messenger 
: system, and difference of c-fos ( or other IEGs ) expression in PC 12 
: cells and intact nervous system.

: You can contact with me through the email ( bz10001 at cus.cam.ac.uk ) or 
: send the email to this newsgroup. 

: Thanks !

: B. ZHU
: Department of Anatomy
: University of Cambridge
: UK

		Zikzak public access UNIX, Melbourne, Australia.

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