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discussion on the neuroscience news group

Brian Scott scott at PSYCH.TORONTO.EDU
Wed Nov 9 23:07:04 EST 1994

 >|> Flame me if you will.  One might believe the predictions 
 >|> that surfing the net would result in surfer-mentality
 >|> -neuroscience.
 >|> yeck!
 >Hear, Hear!! You would think the readers of the group are junior
 >highschoolers in a one room school house the way they ask for references.
 >Dont come to the net asking for references until youve done a thourough
 >search either in the library by hand or using the computer data bases. 
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Yes sir!  Yes sir!  I'm sorry for being out of line!  [sarcasm]

I've seen so much of this type of flaming of people for asking questions 
over the net and this sort of childish response really irks me.  I 
remember asking a basic question about gravity and the planets (or 
something like that) on what I thought was an appropriate physics 
newsgroup and the flaming about how "stupid" I was went on for a week.  I 
don't think it was a stupid question and I wasn't sure where to get the 
answer.  That newsgroup looked appropriate so I asked my question. 

Sure library research is important!  So is direct questioning of the 
"experts" and I see absolutely nothing wrong with going to them _first_, 
before I spend hours of fruitless searching on a topic I'm not familiar 
with.  It makes perfect sense to me to ask those "in the know" first so 
that I may be able to carry out my later searching more efficiently, and 
perhapse be able to understand all the jargon I'll eventually have to 
wade through.

In my opinion, lay-people and students don't ask enough questions as it 
is, without having to be discouraged from doing so by this kind of 
moronic response.

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