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discussion on the neuroscience news group

Bruce Raoul Parnas brp at recon.arc.nasa.gov
Thu Nov 10 16:56:05 EST 1994

In article <39tcqf$5hk at cville-srv.wam.umd.edu>, jeffyb at wam.umd.edu (Jeffrey S Brush) writes:
|> Brian Scott (scott at PSYCH.TORONTO.EDU) wrote:
|> :  >|> Flame me if you will.  One might believe the predictions 
|> :  >|> that surfing the net would result in surfer-mentality
|> :  >|> -neuroscience.
|> :  >|> 
|> :  >|> yeck!
|> :  >
|> :  >Hear, Hear!! You would think the readers of the group are junior
|> :  >highschoolers in a one room school house the way they ask for references.
|> :  >Dont come to the net asking for references until youve done a thourough
|> :  >search either in the library by hand or using the computer data bases. 
|> :  >Thomas
|> :  >
|> :  >
|> : Yes sir!  Yes sir!  I'm sorry for being out of line!  [sarcasm]
|> : In my opinion, lay-people and students don't ask enough questions as it 
|> : is, without having to be discouraged from doing so by this kind of 
|> : moronic response.
|> Absolutely!!  Besides, those 'experts' that are too busy doing their important 
|> research shouldn't be out perusing the 'net anyway.  And nobody says they have
|> to respond if they don't want to.
|> I thought teachers were supposed to.

Teachers are supposed to teach people how to learn. They're not supposed, IMO,
to be walking sources of citations. Discussions of neuroscience teach. Requests
for hand holding through a literature search don't teach very much. "Please do
my work for me and tell me where to look" isn't instructive. "I've found these,
are there any I've missed" shows some effort on the part of the poster.

dr bruce parnas
brp at biocomp.arc.nasa.gov
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