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Auditory and visual cortex: function and staining?

Thomas Chimento chimento at ursa.arc.nasa.gov
Thu Nov 10 11:52:49 EST 1994

In article <mwspitze-091194121809 at phar2.medsurge.hsis.uci.edu>, mwspitze at uci.edu (matt spitzer) writes:
|> In article <94Nov9.131035est.35 at psych.psych.toronto.edu>,
|> scott at PSYCH.TORONTO.EDU (Brian Scott) wrote:
|> P.B. Cook's criticism is IMHO entirely appropriate.  If a question posted
|> here can be answered with one or two key word searches on Medline, it's
|> best addressed in that way.  But yours is an excellent example of a
|> question that would not be easily addressed in that way.
|> > 
|> > 
|> > Does anyone know of any references to studies which have looked for a
|> > correlation between cell function in the visual and auditory corticies
|> > (cortexes?) and staining for specific substances?  I know you're going to
|> > say "There are millions!", but I'm especially interested in any
|> > immunocytochemistry work related to cells with functions like direction
|> > selectivity, edge detection, frequency selectivity, rising or falling FM
|> > sweeps etc...  Other types of staining are appreciated too.  I've seen lots
|> > of work on AChE in Auditory cortex but it looks like it stains all over and
|> > is not located in functionally specific cell types, which is what I'm
|> > looking for.     
|> 	You wanted recommendations for a lit. search.  I would suggest looking up
|> binaural bands, or binaural organization.  Also, work by Tom Imig,
|> Christoph Schreiner, and Nobuo Suga (for work on bats). You will have to
|> look in the late 70's and early '80s, which you can do by changing the date
|> set on medline, or by getting hold of a comprehensive review chapter or
|> book on auditory cortex.  That should get you started. 
Christoph Schreiner's (chris at phy.ucsf.edu) cortical work would be in the
very late 80s and also in the 90s. Mitch Sutter at UC Davis 
(mlsutter at ucdavis.edu) is continuing this work as well and Shihab 
Shamma U. Maryland is doing related work (sas at eng.umd.edu).
That should take you directly to the 'experts' you seek.

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