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discussion on the neuroscience news group

matt spitzer mwspitze at uci.edu
Fri Nov 11 16:47:19 EST 1994

In article <39vr5e$1uu at cville-srv.wam.umd.edu>, jeffyb at wam.umd.edu (Jeffrey
S Brush) wrote:

> matt spitzer (mwspitze at uci.edu) wrote:
> >  something about a FAQ (I deleted too many lines!!)
> That's a good idea, and it might need to be periodically re-posted so that
> peoples' readers don't lose it after the first read.
> A crucial thing, tho, is that nobody HAS to answer the questions!  If you
> suspect that the person is being lazy, ignore them.  If there's a possibility
> that you might at least know the name of a journal, then go ahead and tell
> them.  Having been an inquisitve undergraduate, I know how demoralizing it
> is to screw up the courage to go knock on some professors door to ask a well
> meaning question only to get a 'haven't you been to the library' type of
> response.  I managed to eventually find someone who was willing to talk, and
> thus I found my graduate advisor.

I agree with this sentiment.  But at the same time I recognize that one of
the reasons that more neuroscientists do not participate in this group is
that it tends to be heavy on "gimme references" type posts, and light on
serious discussions of issues in neuroscience.   I think it would be
everyone's interest to take steps that might make neuroscientists take this
forum seriously.  Some already do. But I'm certain that others pop in for
the first time, see a bunch of posts from undergraduates looking for easy
help with refercences for a paper, relatively few posts from people
discussing actual scientific topics, and never return.  To return to
P.Cooks original complaint, it's absolutely true that many of the posts on
this group could be answered much better by typing 

f kw <subject of post> 

in medline.


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