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EEG and human orgasm

Kevin Spencer kspencer at iti.org
Tue Nov 22 15:56:26 EST 1994

bill at nsma.arizona.edu (Bill Skaggs) writes:

>kspencer at iti.org (Kevin Spencer) writes:

>   > By "deep electroencephalograms", did they mean they were
>   > recording intracranially?  This sounds quite bizarre to me.  And
>   > regardless of whether they were recording from inside the scalp
>   > or the surface, I think that there would be a lot of muscle and
>   > movement artifacts in the EEG recordings.

>It is not uncommon for patients with intractable epilepsy to have
>intracranial electrodes implanted when surgical removal of part of the
>brain is being contemplated, in order to localize the source of the
>disturbance, or to understand what the disturbed tissue is doing.  In
>many cases these electrodes are exploited for scientific studies,
>which can often be done without harming the patient.  The two patients
>described in the Heath paper were both epileptic.

>As a rule, intracranial EEG recordings are much less disturbed by
>noise than scalp recordings.  It's something like the difference
>between listening to a conversation through a thick wall and listening
>to it from inside the room.  

>	-- Bill

What I meant was that recording intracranially while subjects are doing
whatever they did to have orgasms seemed bizarre to me, not the intra-
cranial recordings themselves.


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