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Preprint: High resolution path-integral calculation of short-term memory

Lester Ingber ingber at alumni.caltech.edu
Thu Nov 24 13:14:26 EST 1994

The following is an abstract from a preprint which may be obtained via
anonymous ftp using instructions given below.
      Statistical mechanics of neocortical interactions:
 High resolution path-integral calculation of short-term memory
                     Lester Ingber
  Lester Ingber Research, P.O. Box 857, McLean, Virginia 22101
               ingber at alumni.caltech.edu
                     Paul L. Nunez
Department  of  Biomedical  Engineering,  Tulane  University, New
                   Orleans, LA 70118
                  pln at bmen.tulane.edu
     We present high-resolution path-integral calculations  of  a
previously  developed  model  of  short-term memory in neocortex.
These calculations, made possible with  supercomputer  resources,
supplant similar calculations made in L. Ingber, Phys. Rev. E 49,
4652 (1994), and support coarser estimates  made  in  L.  Ingber,
Phys.  Rev.  A  29,  3346  (1984).   We  also  present  a current
experimental context for  the  relevance  of  these  calculations
using  the  approach  of  statistical  mechanics  of  neocortical
interactions   (SMNI),   especially    in    the    context    of
electroencephalographic (EEG) data.
This file is smni95_stm.ps.Z in ftp.alumni.caltech.edu
[] in the /pub/ingber directory, i.e.,
This archive also can be accessed via WWW path
Interactively [brackets signify machine prompts]:
        [your_machine%] ftp ftp.alumni.caltech.edu
        [Name (...):] anonymous
        [Password:] your_e-mail_address
        [ftp>] cd pub/ingber
        [ftp>] binary
        [ftp>] ls
        [ftp>] get file_of_interest
        [ftp>] quit
Sorry, I cannot assume the task of mailing out hardcopies of code or
papers.  My volunteer time assisting people with their queries on my
codes and papers must be limited to electronic mail correspondence.
This archive also houses the Adaptive Simulated Annealing (ASA) code,
now at version 4.9.

[[ Prof. Lester Ingber                                                ]]
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[[ P.O. Box 857               WWW: http://alumni.caltech.edu/~ingber/ ]]
[[ McLean, VA 22101      Archive: ftp.alumni.caltech.edu:/pub/ingber/ ]]

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