ANNOUNCEMENT: 4 day course on Functional Neuroimaging (fMRI)

Kathleen M O'Craven kmo at ATHENA.MIT.EDU
Thu Sep 1 22:00:45 EST 1994


           OCTOBER 26-29, 1994   Boston, Massachusetts

The Massachusetts General Hospital's NMR Center is offering a 4-Day
course in fMRI, the new technique for non-invasively assessing neural
activity in humans by monitoring blood flow and blood oxygenation
using Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

Participants will receive a firm grounding in the fundamentals of
fMRI.  This will include the basic physics of MR imaging, the biology
and biophysics of the hemodynamic responses to neural activity, data
analysis (including both exploratory and statistical analyses),
stimulus presentation and response recording in the context of high
magnetic fields and electromagnetic pulses, and the design of
perceptual and cognitive experiments.  Results from some current fMRI
experiments involving vision, memory, and clinical applications will
also be discussed.

A special emphasis of the course will be the design, implementation,
and execution of perceptual and/or cognitive experiments by the
participants.  Participants will break into small groups to design
their own fMRI experiments.  These experiments will be executed, and
the resulting data analyzed, on the final day of the course.

Course fee of $1000 for the 4 day program, payable to MGH Visiting Fellowship
Program, must accompany registration and is refundable up to 30 days prior to
the session. Information on accommodations and activities in the Boston area
will be forwarded upon receipt of registration. A reduced rate of $600 is
available for graduate students with letter of verification from Department

For any further information, contact Dr. Aaronson at
Phone:(617) 726-5812       Fax:(617) 726-7422    E-mail:gaa at nmr.mgh.harvard.edu

Please mail completed form to:
                 Dr. Gerald Aaronson
                 Director, NMR Development
                 MGH NMR Center
                 Building 149- 13th Street (2301)
                 Charlestown, MA 02129

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