David Small david_small at muwayf.unimelb.edu.au
Thu Sep 1 21:51:13 EST 1994

With reference to the recent question about acetylcholinesterase's peptidase

We demonstrated in 1992 that it was possible to separate the protease
activity from the esterase activity of a preparation of FBS AChE.  It seems
that that message has still not got through despite the fact that we have
reported the finding at several international meetings and have published the
study (Brain Res., 1993, 611, 75-80).  While the relationship between the
esterase activity and the protease remains problematic, the protease activity
is clearly not intrinsic.  We have been very careful to call the protease
activity an "acetylcholinesterase-associated protease".  

The issue of the non-classical functions of AChE will be addressed in a short
letter submitted to the Journal of Neurochemistry which will appear in the
"Matters Arising" section.

To my knowledge, there are few groups now claiming that AChE (or BChE) has a
protease activity that is intrinsic.

David H. Small#000#

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