EMG, EOG sensors

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Sun Sep 4 01:40:30 EST 1994

I am looking for some good books or even some cook-book methods for hooking
up EMG sensors to the face and various muscle groups.
I want to amplify the signals to 0..5vdc, with (as my understanding goes)
the reference sensor at either 0vdc or 2.5vdc.
I want to feed the amplified signal to a cheap micro with 8-bit A/D's

This will be used to hook up quads and other severe patients
so they can operate things in the real world.
Dr Dave Warner (a hard-rocking neuroscientist) at Loma Linda Medical Center
is interested in this.

I assume this is an appropriate group. Please be gentle if not.

I have some books already, but they are at a very high level
and do a lot of handwaving over the technical details.
I also have access to some good cook-book amplification circuits,
but am clueless on the best ones for this application.
I have been in the computer biz 17 years as a SW engineer,
with about 20% of my
knowledge being digital hardware. Analog is still voodoo.

Thanks ... bandit

(E-mail gladly accepteed if posting is not appropriate.)

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