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Thu Sep 8 04:18:03 EST 1994


In the framework of my doctoral dissertation, I am about to investigate the 
current methods of analyzing biosignals, esp. EMG. My focus is the 
automatic analysis of the EMG, with special regard to reflex components 
(onset/peak-latency) and the EMG activity in the course of fast 
(step) movements.
If it takes not too much of your precious time, I would ask you to state in 
a few sentences, what is your preferred method or algorithm in analyzing 
EMG signals, and what is your hard- and software equipment (key words are 
sufficient) to accomplish this. If you're working with EEG or other 
physiological measures, please feel free to add your specific experiences 
and knowledge.

The replies will be gathered, and will be available at our WWW server soon 
(it is currently under construction).

Please reply to the following address:
      Stefan.Kolodzie at rz.uni-duesseldorf. de

Thank you in advance for your help.

 With kind regards,

     Stefan Kolodzie                     
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