Digital filters in signal processing

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kspencer at iti.org (Kevin Spencer) writes:
> thinklab at rummelplatz.uni-mannheim.de (Waldmann) writes:
> >    *  Are their any software packages or stand-alone solutions
> >       that can be recommended for biosignal processing, perhaps
> >       with an emphasis to EEG / ERP filtering ? I understand 
> >       the basics of C / C++ and I'm ready to learn.
> Well, there are the algorithms in "Numerical Recipes for C".  There are
> commercial EEG/ERP software products that include some types of filtering,
> but these are very expensive (since they are mainly for data acquisition
> and stimulus presentation), and you can't tinker with the algorithms.  There
> are also packages like IDL and Matlab that have lots of signal processing
> routines, but these aren't cheap either.

Good book.
Also - contact TI and Motorola. They are making DSP evaluation boards,
for under $100 - and they include C code and compiler for various
DSP applications - eg. they give you a library of filters to play with.
These boards are intended to help you evaluate the DSP chip
so you will design them into consumer products and sell millions of units.
I have the TI eval board - for the TMS320C5x family.
I think the TI part number is TMDS3200051.

There are some DSP trade rags starting - look in them for info..

> >(I'm also thinking about neural nets in this 
> >context, reconceiving a filter's job as sort of pattern recognition), 
> No!  That's a whole other can of worms!  :)

But many parts are edible ...

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