Screenwriter with Brain Question

Midori Anne Yenari yenari at leland.Stanford.EDU
Sat Sep 10 14:04:31 EST 1994

In response to your question about EEG's and being able to 
"fingerprint" an individual's brainwaves:

First of all, I am a neurologist. My experience with EEG is largely
clinical. If you've ever looked at an EEG, you'll see pages and
pages of seemingly random wave forms. The range of "normal" is pretty
broad even for the same individual. The EEG also has different patterns 
depending on the "state" of the individual--i.e., awake, asleep, relaxed, etc.
The other aspect of EEG recordings is sorting out the brain  waves from
"background noise" (eye movements, chewing, a door slamming all affect 
the EEG trace). The idea of EEG fingerprinting, though appealing, 
is pretty remote. It's about as unique an identifier as haircolor!

I'm not sure what your screenplay is about, but EEG fingerprinting 
would have to be pretty serious science fiction right now.

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