Vein of Galen Malformation/Stroke

JODI L. DWYER DWYERJL%AHPE at pcmail.usafa.af.mil
Tue Sep 13 14:22:12 EST 1994

I am fairly new on the network and have been searching through various 
newsgroups and thought this one would be able to give me some information, 
this being one (hopefully), everyone here seems to be pretty informative.

My questions are:

1.  Stroke:  How long after a stroke (brain, with right side paralysis) will 
             a person usually gain back all mobility that will more than 
             likely be gained?

             If there has been a stroke, what are the chances of another one 

2.  Vein of Galen/Emoblizations:  What are the chances of a child who seems 
                                  to be doing well living a "normal" life  
                                  (i.e., playing sports, not having to have 
                                  surgeries, etc...)

Circumstances:  I have a 3 (almost 4) year old daughter who was born with a 
vein of galen malformation (unbeknowngst to us until her 6th day of life).  
She went into congestive heart failure and was medevacced from Panama to San 
Antonio, TX (yes, we are military).  They diagnosed her and we met with the 
Neuroradiologist (who is great).  He did a total of 10 embolization 
procedures using platinum coils and an angiogram with each procedure.  In 
Jan, '93, we went to Houston where a doctor there (Dr Mawad and Dr Les 
Journes?) did an embolization using glue, as a result from that procedure 
she had a stroke.  She is now walking and talking fine, she did lose her 
right peripherial vision (that we know she will not get back); however, she 
still does not use her right arm and still seems to have no bladder 
control.  This January it will be two years since the stroke and I am just 
curious if the usage that she has gained back now will be her limit.  They 
told us in the beginning that it should take two years.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Jodi

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