Antibodies to NMDA receptors

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Tue Sep 13 00:09:03 EST 1994

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>Does anybody have selective antibodies for NMDA receptors or NMDA
>subunits?  If you do and you are willing to share, sell or trade them 
>please contact me.

There are two commercially available NMDA subunit NMDAR1 antibodies that I
have used with good success.  One is available from Pharmingen (mouse
monclonal pan-NR1); it is the antibody published by Siegel et al.
(Morrison & Heinneman & Co.) recently in PNAS and by Huntley G. (same
group) in J Neurosci (April or May 1994?).  The other is available from
Chemicon and is the same as Petralia et al. (Wenthold lab; recognizes only
4 currently described splice variants) J Neurosci (Jan. 1994?).  You may
want to look nearby at NIH for Wenthold.

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