What are the orders of magnitude in synapses ?

William Calvin wcalvin at u.washington.edu
Wed Sep 14 13:30:02 EST 1994

<unknown> writes:

>I'm looking for an order of magnitude or typical intervals (with references) on:
>   the number of postsynaptic receptors (in most of synapses);
>   the number of presynaptic  vesicles;
>   the number of presynaptic  vesicles activated by one action potential;
>   the number of transmitters released by one vesicle.

Best job on that was at NMJ.  Seems to me that Henry A. Lester (Cal Tech) 
had an article in Scientific American maybe ten years ago.  See also his 
Physiological Reviews (or Ann Rev Physiol) article.
    William H. Calvin  WCalvin at U.Washington.edu

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