Help in software-ergonomy, visual-perception, learning-mechanism

Christian Meuser meuser at Informatik.TU-Muenchen.DE
Thu Sep 15 11:25:23 EST 1994

I am begining to write my diploma about a computer based 
educational movie (telling about new mathematical methods).

I have t know such things as "what colors should I use?" 
or "how many graphik or text should be on the screen?"
or "what text should I write?" and so on.

So I am looking for some literature describing human visual-perception,
human learning-mechanism and how to teach via the screen.
Furtermore I am looking for informations about software-ergonomy or
well founded style-guidelines.  

Could you please post or mail me some booktitles or articles.

Thank you for you help in advance  :-)
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