Hippocampus and auditory input

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> I am a master's student.  
> My current understanding of hippocampal connectivity to the rest
> of the brain (in rat) is this:  entorhinal cortex collects input
> from many sensory cortical areas (a "cold" sensory input), and
> relays it to hippo.  Subcortical inputs, e.g., LC, reticular 
> formation, septum/dBB, hypothalamus, modulate the hippo.'s
> processing in "motivational" and "arousal" ways.
> I am trying to understand how hippo. output affects the rest of 
> the brain, and behavior.  I know that a rat with a missing
> hippo. does not perform well on some learning tasks, and I have
> some familiarity with cognitive mapping work.
> What is the function of the hippocampus?  I'd appreciate comments
> and references.

If you knew what the function of the hippocampus was, you'd be getting a
Nobel Prize, or at least a publication in Science. :)  Try going to your
library and looking up books on the hippocampus - there's several good ones
out there.  One interesting example is "Neuronal Networks of the
Hippocampus" 1991 by R.D. Traub and R. Miles; they combine actual
biological data with modeling and simulation.  The hippocampus chapter in
Gordon Shepherd's "Synaptic Organization of the Brain" (1990) is a good
place to start too.

Hannah Dvorak
(a grad student too)

> Tom G.

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