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Susan Koester Koester at sc2.salk.edu
Wed Sep 14 13:45:12 EST 1994

In article <34q91a$8qj at jhunix1.hcf.jhu.edu> Diana Weedman,
dlweed at eureka.wbme.jhu.edu writes:
> I am trying to create a three-week intensive neuroscience course 
> for gifted high-school kids as part of Johns Hopkins' Center for 
> Talented Youth (CTY). It's a lab course, so I am looking for ideas
> for demonstrations/labs which can be done with inexpensive materials
> and would be interesting to 14-yr olds. Any ideas/leads would be 
> great!

Are you planning on attending the Neuroscience Meeting in Miami?  They
have a poster session every year on Teaching of neuroscience wherein
people who have done just this sort of thing present their ideas.  Even
glancing through the abstracts could be useful.

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