What are the orders of magnitude in synapses ?

elis f. stanley elis at helix.nih.gov
Fri Sep 16 03:08:47 EST 1994

In article <357ffa$j7q at news.u.washington.edu> wcalvin at u.washington.edu (William Calvin) writes:
><unknown> writes:
>>I'm looking for an order of magnitude or typical intervals (with references) on:
>>   the number of postsynaptic receptors (in most of synapses);
>>   the number of presynaptic  vesicles;
>>   the number of presynaptic  vesicles activated by one action potential;
>>   the number of transmitters released by one vesicle.
>Best job on that was at NMJ.  Seems to me that Henry A. Lester (Cal Tech) 
>had an article in Scientific American maybe ten years ago.  See also his 
>Physiological Reviews (or Ann Rev Physiol) article.
>    William H. Calvin  WCalvin at U.Washington.edu

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