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Michael Hucka hucka at krusty.eecs.umich.edu
Fri Sep 16 00:34:22 EST 1994

>>>>> On 15 Sep 1994, meuser at Informatik.TU-Muenchen.DE (Christian Meuser) said:

  meuser> I have t know such things as "what colors should I use?"  or "how
  meuser> many graphik or text should be on the screen?"  or "what text
  meuser> should I write?" and so on.

  meuser> So I am looking for some literature describing human
  meuser> visual-perception, human learning-mechanism and how to teach via
  meuser> the screen.  Furtermore I am looking for informations about
  meuser> software-ergonomy or well founded style-guidelines.

  meuser> Could you please post or mail me some booktitles or articles.

Although these are not specifically perception-oriented in the sense of
being about the biology and psychophysics of color perception and so on,
I think you would be very pleased to look at the book

       AUTHOR = {Edward~R. Tufte},
	TITLE = {Envisioning Information},
    PUBLISHER = {Graphics Press},
	 YEAR = 1990,
      ADDRESS = {Cheshire, Connecticut}

It is truly a marvelous, beautiful book, and among other things it includes a
discussion of what makes for good computer displays.  Tufte has another book

       AUTHOR = {Edward~R. Tufte},
        TITLE = {The Visual Display of Quantitative Information},
    PUBLISHER = {Graphics Press},
      ADDRESS = {Cheshire, Connecticut},
         YEAR = 1983

that is also worth checking out.  If you can't find them in your library or
local bookstores, I can send you the address of the publisher.

Neither of these really speak to software ergonomics, but it sounds like they
could be useful for some of the questions you are asking.
-- Mike Hucka (michael.hucka at umich.edu)
   University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich.

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