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>From: es080737 at ethel.lance.colostate.edu (Erik Stolz)
>Subject: EEG Amplifier
>Date: 14 Sep 1994 17:39:18 GMT

>I am planning to build an EEG amplifier using an instrumentation amplifier and 
>an isolation stage for each channel.  I have been looking at Analog Devices 
>chips such as the AD624 (low-noise instrument amp) and AD289 (isolation amp).
>My questions are: Has anyone built an EEG amplifier with similar chips? Are there
>other chips that might be better/cheaper? Are there any good references on the 

>Any help would be greatly appreciated.  

Here's another suggestion.  I haven't used these yet, but I intend to build an 
EEG in the next couple of months and have been looking at chips to do it with.

For the instrumentation amp-Use the Burr-Brown INA118.  It is a brand new 
part, draws very little power, can work at 3 v and has low noise.  Seems like 
th ideal part for an EEG preamp.

For the isolation amp, the Burr-Brown ISO122 looks good.  The part is good up 
to around 14 bits (if you need a 16 bit amp, you are looking at around $60).  
The part in the P package is about 22 bucks, but if you might be able to talk 
Burr-Brown out of a sample if you need only one.

Burr-Brown's telephone # is 1-800-548-6132.  If you need help with their 
parts, ask to speak to an applications engineer.  They are very helpful.

For filters, the Maxim filter ICs seem really good, are inexpensive, and 
they seem to be easy to use.  They make a lot of them, and you have to look at 
their data books to find out the ones you need.  You can call them at 
1-800-998-8800.  Maxim's application engineers are fairly helpful too.

Please let me know your results.
Steve Jacobson
sjacobs at maroon.tc.umn.edu

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