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Michelle Anne Freeman maf2d at galen.med.Virginia.EDU
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 Does anyone know anything about the new AD drug that is going through clinical
 trials right now?  It's called something like Salbelusol, and the short radio
 report on it stated it was not a AChE inhibitor.  

Hugo Geerts and colleagues from Janssen Research Foundation in
Belgium have presented data at two recent Alzheimer's Disease
meetings (Schmitt Neurological Sciences Symposium at the
University of Rochster in May of this year and the 4th
International Conference on Alzheimer's Disease and Related
Disorders in Minneapolis in August) on a possible mechanism of
action of sabeluzole.  Their experiments with sabeluzole were
based on the finding that cultured rat hippocampal neurons treated 
with a kinase-stimulating medium had decreased flux of
vessicles through the axon.  This may be due to
hyperphosphorylation of tau stimulated by the kinases, and
subsequent breakdown of the microtubule transport system.
Based on these findings, they looked at axonal transport in the
presence of sabeluzole and claim that it enhances fast axonal
transport in hippocampal neurons.  I can't tell from their
abstract (and can't remember from the poster) whether they
tested the drug only on normal neurons, or on ones whose axonal
transport had been reduced by prior treatment with the kinase
stimulating medium.  In any case, it is possible that
sabeluzole has its effects on memory by reversing some impaired
axonal transport process that would reduce cell function (e.g.
neurotransmission) and cell survival (e.g. if survival depends
on retrograde transport of neurotrophins).

Their abstract may be found in the _Neurobiology of Aging_
supplement (Volume 15, Supplement 1) 1994.  Abstract #100
(Right above mine!  :)  ) I'm not sure if this stuff is out in
a paper yet, but I can browse through our Reference Update
software if anyone is interested.  (E-mail me and I'll let you
know if I find a reference...)

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