JONATHAN LIM junlim at ix.netcom.com
Tue Sep 20 03:56:11 EST 1994

This survey is concerned with studying the effectivity of using neural networks
in preventing credit card fraud.  

1. How would you rate the effectiveness of neural networks as a tool in 
the prevention of credit card fraud?

[ ] not effective at all         [ ] sometimes effective
[ ] quite effective              [ ] very effective

2. Which of the following technologies do you think is the best solution to preventing 
credit card fraud?   Why?

[ ] neural network technology
[ ] magnetic stripes 
[ ] photographs on cards
[ ] holograms
[ ] biometric technology
[ ] smart card technology

[ ] Others, pls. specify._______________________________________


3. How would you rate the cost of implementing neural networks in the prevention
of credit card fraud?

[ ]  very affordable
[ ] expensive, but I would use it if it was effective
[ ] Extremely expensive, I wouldn't even consider it.

4. What neural network product is the most effective in preventing 
credit card fraud?  Why?

Who is its manufacturer?  How much does it cost to implement?

5. What is the average length of training time needed to implement the technology?

a) 0-4 hour
b) 4-12 hours
c) 12-24 hours
d) 2-3 days
e) more than 3 days

6. Please describe how the product operates or functions.

7. Pls. write down any other comment about this topic and additional information
about this topic that you might like to share.


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