Neuro Labs in Switzerland

William Moody profbill at u.washington.edu
Wed Sep 21 17:48:49 EST 1994

burbly at minerva.cis.yale.edu (Marc Borbely) writes:

>Does anybody know of any neurobiology labs in Switzerland? I'd like to
>spend a year after college (next year) doing research on the 
>cellular mechanism of learning.

>I would be very grateful to hear of any such labs in switzerland, and
>also if anybody knows something about getting a grant for a year of
>this kind of work abroad.
>					Thanks!
>					- Marc

I would contact Dr. Charles Bader or Dr. Laurent Bernheim at the 
Universite de Geneve.  They don't study learning per se but do work on 
the development of electrical activity in nerve and muscle.  It's a good 
lab, has had Americans working there, and is in a great city.
--Bill Moody

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