Questions patch clamp work - Acutely isolated human glia cells

Heinz Beck heinz at jersey.meb.uni-bonn.de
Wed Sep 21 05:26:39 EST 1994

We want to build up a patch clamp setup that is going to be used mainly for whole-cell measurements of voltage activated currents in human glial cells and maybe acutely isolated cells. I would be very happy about information regarding isolation procedures for acutely isolated cells in humans. I know there is a paper out for neocortical acutely isolated cells - does anyone have different protocols and is willing to share?

Also, I have heard that doing the isolation procedure and also tissue slicing procedures in ringer containing saccharose instead of Na will enhance slice/cellquality.

Finally, we had some problems with the water robot Narishige micromanipulators I am sure everyone knows who has been working with them. I am at the moment undecided whether to buy the new Narishige oil manipulators. Anyone care to comment on cost effective micromanipulators suitable for patch clamp work?

Rather a lot ofquestions for one post, sorry, however replies much appreciated.


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