Questions patch clamp work - Acutely isolated human glia cells

William Moody profbill at u.washington.edu
Wed Sep 21 18:00:15 EST 1994

About manipulators for patch clamp: I too have had bad luck with 
Narishige water-filled hydraulics.  Oil-filled have always worked better 
for me, but the new hydraulic from Newport seem better.  For small cells 
that cannot be picked up from the bottom of the dish, I would consider 
spending the extra money and getting a good piezoelectric manipulator or 
a Newport 3D mechanical manipulator with all 3 drives motorized.
And watch out for mounting any manipulator separate from the microscope 
stage; there is alot of relative movement between manipulator and
microscope, especially on an air table.  Best to mount directly to the 
microscope in a way that allows free X-Y movement of the stage relative 
to the electrode.  
Bill Moody 

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