AquaThought Foundation Suffers at Hands of US Air

Sunil Gupta sunilg at access3.digex.net
Thu Sep 22 14:02:51 EST 1994

Friends of AquaThought:
On Monday, September 12th, USAir lost the only existing prototype
of MindSet, our neuromapping EEG product (press release follows).
It appears that USAir does not intend to compensate AquaThought
for the loss. It is critical that we present an immediate public
reaction to this incident. AquaThought needs your help to contact
USAir (names & numbers follow) and let them know that their failure
to act responsibly is unacceptable. 
Thank you,
David Cole
AquaThought's MindSet Project Suffers Serious Setback at the Hands
of US Air
(Los Angeles) The only existing prototype of the AquaThought
Foundation's MindSet Electro-encephalographic Neuromapping System
was lost by US Air on Monday, September 12th. The prototype had
undergone preparations for demonstration on national television and
was returning to Los Angeles' LAX airport via US Air's Counter to
Counter service. AquaThought became aware of the loss on Monday
evening when a US Air baggage service representative failed to
produce the package or any supporting paperwork - hours after the
package was scheduled to arrive. US Air's LAX based baggage service
supervisor, Eldon Newmann, confirmed the status of the package as
missing, on Tuesday, September 19th. AquaThought later learned that
it is US Air's policy, at LAX, to treat Counter to Counter packages
as unclaimed baggage, leaving them in the baggage claim area until
claimed by the consignee. It is possible that the prototype did
arrive in the minimally secured US Air baggage claim area, but was
subsequently stolen.
The AquaThought Foundation is a privately funded research
organization dedicated to the exploration of human-dolphin
interaction. Since 1989, AquaThought has studied the neurological
impact of close contact with dolphins on human subjects and the
related healing phenomena. MindSet was developed to facilitate our
work in understanding the dolphin healing phenomena and how it may
be therapeutically applied. The loss of the MindSet prototype
immediately extinguished AquaThought's current study of the
efficacy of Dolphin Assisted Therapy with children who suffer from
Downs Syndrome. A representative from AquaThought commented that
several ongoing research projects have been put on indefinite hold
until either the prototype is recovered or US Air compensates
AquaThought for the loss so that a new prototype can be created. 
As of yet, the MindSet prototype has not been recovered and US Air
has failed to review a security tape which may indicate its theft. 
US Air, Inc. Contacts:
Bryan Enarson - Public Relations
(619) 586-6731
Fax  (619) 586-6729
Gail Landgraff - Cargo Claims
(703) 418-5324
Fax (703) 418-7309

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