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Charles J. Wysocki wysocki at udcemail.udc.upenn.edu
Thu Sep 22 13:37:18 EST 1994

Baggett Tracey Michael (it45 at sol.acs.unt.edu) wrote:
: I am looking for any software available via ftp (shareware, demos - 
: whatever) that have graphics of the brain and would be useful to someone 
: taking a neuroscience course.
: Michael Baggett

The following are from Tim Cannon (CANNON at JAGUAR.UOFS.EDU).  I trust that
he does not object to my posting these messages.
The long-awaited (long-delayed, anyway) Computerized Sheep Brain
Dissection Guide is now available.

To Get the Guide:

1.   FTP to ftpsrv.uofs.edu
     (if that doesn't work, try milgram.psych.uofs.edu)

2.   You MUST login using anonymous as your user name.  You may
     use your e-mail address as your password (the latter, isn't
     actually checked).

3.   "Get" two files: README.TXT and SHEEP.EXE
     README.TXT is an ascii file, SHEEP.EXE must be transferred
     as a binary file

     SHEEP.EXE is over 6 meg and may take a fair amount of time
     to transfer (20 min-2+hrs).  Check to make sure that your
     FTP link won't disconnect you during the transfer, this does
     happen with some Windows setups (one person fixed his transfer 
     problem by changing the relevant setting from 60 to 500).  Also,
     be certain that you have enough space to accommodate the file 
     wherever you are receiving it.  

4.   Don't be like me, before executing the SHEEP.EXE file, read
     the instructions in README.TXT file!!  

     SHEEP.EXE is a "zipped" (compressed) file that will self
     extract into over 100 files that will occupy somewhat over
     10 meg of memory.  Therefore, you will temporarily need
     about 17 meg to house the zipped and unzipped files. 
     SHEEP.EXE can be discarded as soon as its job is finished.  

If you have any problems, or successes, let me know at:


Thanks for your patience.  I hope that the guide proves to be of 
some use to you and yours.  

Tim Cannon


Finally, I think we have a definitive fix for the ftp
server problem--I gave up.

Gave up on assuming it will ever run reliably from this location,
that is.  I contacted a friend at Brown, and he was kind
enough to allow me to load the software on his server that doesn't 
hang or crash and can actually service more than one user at a 
time! (Must be nice.)  

His server is:


Once you have logged in as anonymous, you should "cd" to the "pub"
directory and then "cd" to the "sheep" directory (that is, you want to 
be in the pub/sheep directory).  From there, you can get the files you

If you already have the files and have asked me to get you off this list,
I apologize for the junk mail; tell me to drop you again.  


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