Research Assistance Wanted

calvin calvin
Sat Sep 24 14:10:16 EST 1994


Experienced neuroscientist/physician seeks Library Research Assistant
to prepare current Literature Reviews on the following subjects:
o       Neuroendocrine development of gonadotropin releasing factors

Review the neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, neurochemistry, and
developmental chronology of gonadotropin releasing factors, with
special emphasis on direct intracranial effects.

o       The "genetics of sexual preference" controversy

Critically review review the "hard" scientific evidence on both sides
of this controversy, including analysis of statistical methods.

o       Animal models for early developmental determinants of adult sexual

Review the phenomenological and experimental literature, with emphasis
on pre-natal and peri-natal events. 

o       Releasing/triggering stimuli

Review sensory and behavioral cues releasing pair-bonding and
nurturant patterns, with emphasis on primates (including us).

Further detail on the scope of each project will be sent on request.

Renumeration will be in the neighborhood of $200 to $400 per project,
based on the scope, quality, and timeliness of work submitted. 
Qualified graduate students (or advanced seniors) interested in
pursuing one or more of these opportunities should apply via
electronic mail:

    calvin at mercury.interpath.net 

or surface mail:

    Research Assistant Request 
    Dr. Cleon L. Chapen, Jr. 
    P.O. Box 2692
    Chapel Hill, NC 27515-2692

Please include your name, address, a short summary of your
qualifications, and a daytime phone number. 

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