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Tracey Michael) writes:

>>I am looking for any software available via ftp (shareware, demos - 
>>whatever) that have graphics of the brain and would be useful to someone

>>taking a neuroscience course.  I don't want to shell out cash for 
>>something until I have seen what is out there.  I have heard of
>>called Brainiac, but have not been able to find info on it. 

  The Brainiac demo can be obtained via anonymous FTP at
ftp.bio.indiana.edu. Look in the /biology/ibmpc directory. The files are
called brainiac-demo.txt and brainiac-demo.zip   Remember to set the
protocol to binary before you GET the zip file.  You MUST unzip the demo
using Pkzip version 2.04g or later or you will get error messages during
the uncompression process. Install the program under Windows 3.1 by
running the install.exe program and follow the on-screen instructions.
Brainiac runs in SVGA mode at 640x480 in 256 colors.
  If you have any trouble obtaining or installing the demo, please do not
hesitate to contact us (800-769-7799 in the USA or 718-444-7763 outside
USA). The demo is also available on America Online (do a file search for
Brainiac) and Compuserve (Medical Special Interest Group (SIG))
Alternatively, a demo can be purchased directly through Medical Multimedia
Systems for $5 +s/h.

Glen Frick
Medical Multimedia Systems

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