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Clay Holroyd CHolroyd at ix.netcom.com
Sat Sep 24 22:02:21 EST 1994

In <35sfnv$l39 at hermes.unt.edu> it45 at sol.acs.unt.edu (Baggett Tracey Michael) writes: 

>I am looking for any software available via ftp (shareware, demos - 
>whatever) that have graphics of the brain and would be useful to someone 
>taking a neuroscience course.  I don't want to shell out cash for 
>something until I have seen what is out there.  I have heard of something 
>called Brainiac, but have not been able to find info on it.  Any help 
>would be appreciated.  Thanks.
>Michael Baggett

To obtain a demo version of "Brainiac!", email MedMult at aol.com for
more information...  


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