Neural Prosthesis Program: Vision

Spiff ian at jarthur.cs.hmc.edu
Sun Sep 25 17:36:02 EST 1994

I read an article in discover magazine that said the National Institute
of Health is bankrolling the Neural Prostehsis Program.

TThe directory is Terry Hambrecht.

Supposably they have built an electrode that allowed them to stimulate
a very fine (.001 inch diamater) area of the visual cortex below the

In November, 1991 they implanted 38 electrodes in a blind woman and
were able to form simple patterns in her visual field with them.

Bill HeetDerks has been using a wafer of silicon with multiple
contact sites instead of the elctrodes and then just scans to
determine which connections are useful.

Two teams are working on building an articifical retina:
One in at: Johns Hopkins, Duke, Research Triangle Park, and North
  Carolina State

and the other iat: MIT and Harvard.

I'd appreciate if anyone could point me to publications by these
people. I've been trying and failing to find them in some of the
CD databses and the !#!@ article doesn't list references.


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