Neuropsychiatric effects of Lyme Borreliosis

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>Can someone fill me in on some of the neuropsychiatric effects of Lyme's?

Lyme can produce an 'encephalopathy' with a wide variety of clinical
manifestations, including memory loss, depression, insomnia, irritablity
and language impairment.

Most references are to the 'neurologic' rather than specifically
neurobehavioral aspects of the disease.  Here's a few:

Coyle, PK Neurologic Lyme Disease. Seminars in Neurology Vol 12, No 3 Sept

Logigian et al Chronic Neurologic Manifestations... NEJM Vol 323 No 21
p1438 Nov 1990

Finkel, MF Lyme Disease and Its Neurologic Complications. Arch Neurol Vol
45 p99 Jan 1988

I hope these help...

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