Neuronal elongation, WHERE??

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> As the animals grow, the nerves must elongate to accommodate increasing
> body size, e.g. length of limbs. Where along the axon length is the new
> membrane added, at the base of synaptic butons, axon hillock or the
> entire length of the axon?
> Any information or references for these kind of studies would be
> appreciated.
> --neeraj jain
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> JAINN at ctrvax.Vanderbilt.Edu

In addition to changes in axonal length, the nervous system needs to make
other adjustments to growth, such as spatial representation of the organism
within the brain, execution of motor activity, etc.  After you have found
an answer to your particular question, you might be interested in "Body and
Brain" by Dale Purves (1988; Cambridge, MA:  Harvard University Press).  

--Henry Tobin

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