Physiology, psycology and energetics of mental image ?

cuenta publica public at fito.uba.ar
Thu Sep 29 17:18:53 EST 1994

   I am the SysOp of the node "Fito" at the Faculty of Exact and Natural 
Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires. A fellow from the Architecture
Faculty is performing some research in the process of visual creativity.
He asked us, science students, if we could help him. So we thaught to write
to this newsgroups. He told us about some research being performed in this 
field by groups based in Genever, France and United States. He is planning to
travel in one week, so we need the info (Emails if possible) quite soon.
    Thanking you in advance for your time and help, I remain, sincerely

Diego M. Burrieza (SysOp Fito Node)
Department of Inorganical, Analytical and Physical Chemistry
Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences
University of Buenos Aires
INtertNet: public at fito.uba.ar

							       cuenta publica  
                                   public at fito.uba.ar

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