Neurologic Problem and Question

MikeUsman mikeusman at aol.com
Thu Sep 29 09:31:05 EST 1994

In article <Sep16.203355.38777 at acs.ucalgary.ca>, jtetro at acs.ucalgary.ca
(Jason Tetro) writes about:

> a 30 yr old woman who is experiencing a gentle numbness in her epidermal
>tissue.  Her muscles are fine.  

If you are describing an apparently isolated loss of sensation (light
touch? other modalities?) there is a fairly large differential diagnosis
including central processes like MS and peripheral ones like neuropathies.
 I experienced progressive numbness about a year ago (first noticing a
numb patch on my neck while shaving) which turned out to be an isolated
small-fiber neuropathy, presumedly post-viral.

My advice..see a neurologist.

Mike Usman

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