Bell's Palsy

J. A. Kiernan jkiernan at julian.uwo.ca
Thu Sep 29 08:35:26 EST 1994

In article <36ckmn$hc8 at crcnis1.unl.edu> swatwood at herbie.unl.edu (STEPHANIE WATWOOD) writes:
>From: swatwood at herbie.unl.edu (STEPHANIE WATWOOD)
>Subject: Bell's Palsy
>Date: 28 Sep 1994 20:46:15 GMT

>I am an undergraduate researching an honors thesis on Bell's Plasy.  
>Any current information on the physiological cause of or treatment for
>this disorder would be greatly appreciated.  Please send any  
>information to swatwood at herbie.unl.edu.
   There is a book, "The Facial Nerve," edited by Mark May,
   Thieme, Inc., New York, 1986 that probably contains everything
   you'll ever need to know.
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