EGP of Gymnotiform

Taint taint at mustang.ucs.uoknor.edu
Thu Sep 29 12:34:59 EST 1994

I am currently involved in research into the existence of a continuous
connection between the EGP (Posterior Ementia Granularis) and the spinal
cord of Gymnotiform weakly electric fish.  A connection has already been
found in another similar species (Mormyrid).  Currently we are injecting
Biotin Dextran into the EGP to see if it appears in the spinal cord.
However, we have ran into a couple of problems.  For one, Dextran seems
to CROSS SYNAPSES.  Is there another type of tracer (other than HRP,
or Dextran) that anyone knows of that does NOT cross synapses?  If
you have any information, please E-mail me at:

                       taint at mustang.usc.uoknor.edu

I am still learning and reading (by far not a PhD).  So any information
or literature that you could direct me to would be greatly appreciated.

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