Human brain available for research!

Roy Baskind achilles at ccwf.cc.utexas.edu
Fri Sep 30 17:56:17 EST 1994

Roy Baskind
University of Texas at Austin
1801 Rio Grande, 202
Austin, TX 78701


I have in my possesion a human brain available for research. I am willing to 
release it for research, free of charge. 

Qualifications: The brain has little experience in neuroscience, but is an 
                  extremely eager, highly focussed, extraordinarily responsible,
                  and academically succesful undergraduate brain. It has hopes
                  of one day obtaining a graduate degree in neuroscience in the
                  form of either a PhD, MD, or both. It is in need
however, of              
                  research experience. 

Duration of loan: The brain will be available for loan, from May to August 1995,
                  also December 1994-Mid January 1995

Comments:         This brain needs your help. I have full confidence it could
                  be a valuable asset to your research.

Why not give it a chance.

requests to the above address/phone or to

Achilles at ccwf.cc.utexas.edu

would be greatly appreciated.


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