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>>Subject: Computer Brain Software
>>Date: 22 Sep 1994 17:43:27 GMT
>>I am looking for any software available via ftp (shareware, demos - 
>>whatever) that have graphics of the brain and would be useful to someone 
>>taking a neuroscience course.  I don't want to shell out cash for 
>>something until I have seen what is out there.  I have heard of something 
>>called Brainiac, but have not been able to find info on it.  Any help 
>>would be appreciated.  Thanks.
>>Michael Baggett
>Reply (from John Kiernan, Anatomy Dept., Univ. of Western Ontario) - 
>   Brainiac is a Windows program. I've not tried it, but
>   the adverts make it seem attractive.  You might like to
>   try NEUROTUT (= NRO + NQI) (by me), which works under 
>   ordinary DOS. The archive file fits on one 360 KB floppy 
>   disk. The graphics in NRO are strictly diagrams, though
>   some of them move a bit.
>     Of the few fancy graphics programs I've seen for learning
>   Neuroanatomy, none approaches even the the simplest printed
>   atlas for amount of information or ease of cross-reference.
>  NEUROTUT.EXE (357528 bytes)
>  is a self-extracting LHA archive that
>  installs the program files.
>  NRO  Human Neuroscience Tutorial, Version
>   1.05 (May 1994).  When installed on a hard
>   disk (needs 582 KB) it provides eight
>   Neuroanatomy tutorials and (as a ninth
>   "tutorial") over 300 revision questions
>   that cover the whole of Human Neuroscience.
>   The questions can also be run separately
>   with NQI.EXE, from the DOS prompt.
>   A color monitor is very desirable but not
>   essential. By John A. Kiernan, Department of
>   Anatomy, The University of Western Ontario,
>   London, Canada.
> NEUROTUT is available from at least two medical shareware FTP sites:
>   1. University of Texas, Houston Medical shareware
>         anonymous FTP:
>                         dean.med.uth.tmc.edu
>         If you can't find it, write to:  sfath at thesisa.med.uth.tmc.edu
>   2. Medical Education Shareware, Univ. of California, Irvine
>         anonymous FTP:
>                         FTP.UCI.EDU
>         If necessary, write to:  sclancy at uci.edu
>   These are both accessible with Gopher.
>   The program is also available from:  Knowledge Transfer BBS,
>                                        P.O. Box 11282,
>                                        Spring, Texas 77391-1282
>                                          Sysop : Bob Wight
>                                          (713) 370-5804
>                                          24hrs  14,400 N81
>                                          FAX/Voice (713) 251-7517
>   Should you have difficulty, let me know. I can append the file
>   to an email message.
>   If you try NEUROTUT please let me know what you think of it.
>                                     John A. Kiernan
>                                     Department of Anatomy
>                                     Univ. of Western Ontario
>                                     LONDON, Canada  N6A 5C1
>                                     Phone: (519) 679-2111 e.6822
>                                     e-mail: jkiernan at julian.uwo.ca

Follow-up:  I have downloaded and tried John Kiernan's program
above, and I heartily recommend it.


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